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Graduate Certificate in Cyber Forensics

online graduate certificate for cyber forensics at the University of the Sunshine Coasr

Become a cyber forensics specialist

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  • Duration 8 months
  • Cost per program* $4418
  • Units 48

Program Benefits

  • Workforce ready. Graduate ready to step into roles such as a cyber security manager, specialist, engineer, threat analyst, digital forensics officer, information security manager and more.
  • Taught by experts. Our lecturers have cutting-edge knowledge to share with you from incredible, high-stakes roles working with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Defense.
  • 100% online. Advance your education and career no matter where you are in the world and on your own schedule.

Excel quickly in a high-demand industry

Become a cyber security specialist with just 4 courses over 8 months with UniSC’s 100% online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Forensics. Coursework focuses on digital and network forensics, cyber laws and the rules of evidence. Delivered by lecturers who have extensive experience working for the FBI and the U.S. Department of Defense, you’ll gain insider knowledge and skills.

When you complete the program, you’ll know how to operate within the legal and ethical issues associated with cyber forensics and investigations and have specialist knowledge and skills across a range of digital applications and cyber scenarios.

If you decide to pursue the masters program after completing the graduate certificate, you may transfer your graduate certificate credits to the program. This means you only need to complete 10 courses to earn your masters degree.

female graduate student studying to get her online certificate in cyber forensics at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Cyber forensic careers: Big salaries and big demand

The rapid pace of cyber capabilities has left many bad actors with the upper hand. Cyber attacks happen once every eight minutes to organisations in Australia, and their self-reported losses alone total more than $33 billion in a year.1 The overwhelming shortage of qualified cyber experts in Australia, however, has pushed their salary range well into six figures for many roles.2

Cyber security specialist AU $145,8383

Senior security threat analyst AU $116,3127

Cyber security analyst AU $109,0498

Curriculum: Gain up-to-the-minute experience

4 courses

8 months to complete

When you complete the online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Forensics at UniSC in Australia, you’re ready to handle the pace and pressure of the many forensics roles that await you.

We’ve partnered with the Sunshine Coast Technology Industry Alliance and have an advisory panel made up of leading IT companies such as Cisco, Dell, Oracle, Next DC and the Sunshine Coast Council. They keep us abreast of trends and challenges so that we know how to pivot our curriculum to get you the information you need to succeed in cyber forensics.

Courses include

This online course will introduce students to cyber security law, and explore how it interacts with other areas of law, including international cyber security law, criminal law, privacy law and the law of evidence. Students will also learn about the jurisdictional and enforcement issues involved in cyber security law. The course will be taught through a combination of online lectures, interactive training modules and reading. By working through the learning modules and completing your assessment tasks, you will become familiar with the legal processes involved in investigating cyber security incidents and will learn to identify and apply the legal principles that relate to cyber security investigations.
This online course will introduce digital forensic processes including seizure, acquisition, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence. You will learn how to identify and seize digital evidence and become familiar with the tools, techniques, and procedures employed by digital forensics examiners to acquire forensic images and protect and preserve electronically stored information. You will learn how to examine and analyse digital evidence. You will also learn how to reach logical conclusions about digital evidence and how to report and present digital evidence.

This online course teaches you how to monitor the network for traffic anomalies and identify attacks and instructions across points of interest within the network infrastructure environment. Through practical applications and real world investigations You will develop the skills required to monitor and analyse network traffic to assist in incident response and forensic investigation. This includes performing activities such as packet capture and protocol analysis as well as data collection, aggregation and intelligence analysis.

This online course will introduce advanced concepts in digital forensics. You will learn a variety of complex and manual digital forensic processes necessary for the understanding of complex digital evidence. You will learn the meaning of various forensic artefacts and how they can be used to support an investigation. You will learn how to overcome various roadblocks to analysis such as the manual recovery of files and accessing encrypted files. You will further hone your ability to report and present digital evidence in a professional manner.

Just 10 courses to complete your masters

If you decide to pursue UniSC’s 100% online Master of Cyber Security and Forensics program, after completing the graduate certificate, you may transfer your graduate certificate credits to the masters program. This means you only need to complete 10 more courses to earn your masters degree, which you can do on a part-time or full-time basis.

Entry requirements: we make it easy to get started

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To enrol you need:

  • A completed Bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field OR must have successfully completed the Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security.
  • Transcripts from your completed bachelor’s program
  • Resumé or CV

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Fee details

$2,550 per course

4 courses

FEE-HELP available

Your education is a long-term investment that pays dividends over time with top-paying careers that are in demand.

Even so, we realise that looking at total costs can seem daunting, but we’re here to help. Our online graduate certificate is available for FEE-HELP and we have limited Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) available for eligible students. We can also help guide you through how to have a conversation with your employers about getting tuition assistance.

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Frequently asked questions

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The online program is designed for professionals who work full time and is offered in a part time format with one or two courses every trimester. This allows you to achieve a realistic balance between work, school and personal responsibilities.

Yes, if you’ve completed prior study or have relevant work experience, you may, under specified conditions, be eligible for credit towards the Graduate Certificate in Cyber Forensics program.

You can complete the program in just 8 months.

The first step is to start your application.

The online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Forensics is designed to elevate your current position and help you land roles such as a penetration tester, security analyst or senior incident response analyst.

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