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Fees and study assistance

We’re here to help you navigate through study assist options to help you pay for your education, which is a long-term investment that pays dividends over the long run.

You can find fees for the program you’re interested in on its tuition fee page. You can also request more information by completing the form on this page or call us directly at +61 7 5345 6342 so we can personally walk you through your options.

Fund your education

Our online cyber security and ICT programs are available for FEE-HELP, and have limited Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) available which can drastically reduce tuition for eligible applicants. We can also guide you through how to have a conversation with your employers about getting tuition assistance.

Request more information

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Ask your employer

Your organisation may already well recognise the benefits of continued education to attracting and keeping top talent as yourself. Ask your HR contact if your company has a tuition fee reimbursement program that will help you pay for your education.

What if my company doesn’t have a formal tuition fee reimbursement program?

Just because your company doesn’t have a formalised tuition fee reimbursement program in place, doesn’t mean they won’t consider it. Start a conversation with your manager about whether they may have heard about this being offered to other employees on a case-by-case basis. Then you can gauge the landscape and determine how to proceed.

Even if they haven’t heard of it, it’s worth setting up a quick meeting with HR to talk about the possibility. Do your research, but here are just a few benefits of them helping you with your education.

They’ll save money in the long run.

Funding a part of your education will, in the long run, well outweigh the costs of the recruiting, hiring and training costs of someone needed to replace you, especially if you’re already invested in a similar role and want to advance with them.

Your new skills benefit them immediately.

Our programs are workforce ready, so you can start applying what you learn in coursework immediately to your current position. You’ll start to be recognised as a leader who can get things done as you ask critical questions that move thought processes along and solve challenges.

Your work responsibilities won’t need to be decreased. In fact, you may wish to INCREASE them.

Learning online when and where it’s best for you means you can stay on that top project, not need to leave work early, and keep your current level of responsibility. As matter of fact, our students often report that as they learn more, they raise their hands more often to take on challenging projects and build more experience.

Elevate their standing and reputation.

Many companies want to showcase their well-educated team as the best and the brightest. They rely on a percentage of their employees holding advanced degrees. By completing our programs with globally recognised industry certifications, you’ll actually help them improve their standing while touting their well-educated workforce. Better yet, these certifications are embedded in our ICT and Cyber Security programs, so you won’t need to seek reimbursement for those at a later date.

To learn more about the benefits of employer tuition reimbursement, call +61 7 5345 6342 or request more information today.

Online learning

Programs at UniSC were developed with the busy professional in mind. They allow you to study whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. You can complete your program around your current schedules and never miss a beat.

Online learning benefits